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Jan 30, 2018

In episode 99, Kestrel welcomes Shobha Philips, the CEO and founder of Proclaim, to the show. An ethically-made and inclusively-designed bra collection, Proclaim is expanding the definition of nude by celebrating real women.

"I think that lingerie should be marketed to the women that wear it - celebrating...

Jan 23, 2018

In episode 98, Kestrel welcomes Janet Wu and Erin Wold, the cofounders of SilkRoll, to the show. The ultimate community to trade and discover high quality fashion from style-mates around the world without spending an extra penny, SilkRoll's vision is to build the world’s largest shared closet.

"The way that the...

Jan 17, 2018

In episode 97, Kestrel welcomes Kelly Wang Shanahan, the founder of The Ziran, to the show. A Los Angeles-based label which offers a new line of luxury silks, The Ziran's mission is to weave tradition into the modern world, leading a new generation to live the Ziran way: natural, spontaneous, and free.

"Fashion is...

Jan 10, 2018

In episode 96, Kestrel welcomes Hannah Davis, the founder of BANGS shoes, to the show. A footwear company with a social mission and a partnership with Kiva, BANGS believes that "your adventure can help others find theirs".

"I want to provide people opportunities vs things." 
-Hannah of Bangs Shoes

Throughout this...

Jan 2, 2018

In episode 94, Kestrel welcomes Anna Lisa Grieve, the co-creator of Recess City, to the show. A lifestyle and travel blog, Recess City is a project by Anna Lisa and her husband Porter. Since September 2017, they have been traveling the world, living in hotels and showcasing ethical fashion brands along the way.