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Jul 10, 2017

In episode 70, Kestrel welcomes Linn Frisinger, cofounder of Swedish Stockings to the show. Swedish Stockings produces beautiful pantyhose from 90-98% recycled nylon yarn. 

Each year, two billion pairs of tights are produced, worn a few times, and then discarded.

After being inspired by the documentary The Lightbulb Conspiracy, Linn and her cofounder Nadja Forsberg set out to find a better solution for the hosiery industry. In this chat, Kestrel asks Linn about the approach Swedish Stockings has to sustainability and zero waste in their supply chain, as well as their Recycling Club, which addresses the end of life of pantyhose.

Linn also acknowledges the impact that nylon has on our oceans and microplastics issue; she shares how Swedish Stockings is developing a new yarn composed of upcycled plastic from the ocean. When it comes to being able to recycle elastane, Linn believes a solution is close, and hopes we will see one in the near future.

Details on material composition: 

Nylon: a man-made polyamide, derived from petrochemicals (a thermoplastic); nylon is not biodegradable and contributes to microplastic pollution in the ocean.

Elastane: a synthetic materials, scientifically described as a thermoplastic polyurethane elastomeric fiber; elastane cannot be easily separated from other materials, due to the way it shifts when heated. Currently, a solution has not been found to recycle fabrics with mixed compositions including spandex.

Resources Linn mentioned:
The Lightbulb Conspiracy: documentary on planned obsolescence 
& Other Stories: offers a beauty and textiles recycling program, a brand under the H&M Group

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